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Visionary Finishes is the designer finishes division of American Painting that provides custome finishes for all wood surfaces. We offer cabinet glazing, distressing, rub through, crackles, and many other unique finishes. Our finshes aren't just for cabinets. The looks can also be duplicated on doors, wood windows, beams, or any other wood surfaces you may like. All of our finishes receive a catalyzed clear coat for clean ability and durability. With our experiance and knowledge of coatings not only will you get a great look, but you will get a long lasting one as well.

Having a place to start is very helpful so we have made a standard line of finishes that designers and homeowners can pick through and/or recreate schemes for their project. Please click on Unique Finishes or Standard Finishes buttons above to see our online galleries, or contact us for a tour of our work located in Redmond, Oregon. All work can be done in our shop for pre-finish or on site. With one of our finishing professionals helping you every step of the way we can help make your vision a reality.